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Carter Townsend is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Registered Yoga Teacher and LifeForce ® Yoga Practitioner, who integrates traditional talk therapy with meditation, mind-body awareness and spirituality.  Dr. Townsend's integrated approach to full hearted living allows clients to find healing, calm and balance through proven techniques.  Each client learns to identify and develop his or her own existing strengths through individualized sessions focused on conversation, breath, and meditation.  Connecting mind and body in this way can lead to improved self-perception, mood management, healthier relationships and better wellbeing.  

Carter S. Townsend, Psy.D., RYT

PHONE - 214.414.2806

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How often would I come?

This will depend on the plan that we develop together.  Typically, weekly sessions are most effective as they allow for a continuity between appointments.  As this may not be possible due to financial or time constraints, the frequency and flow that best serves you will be arranged. 


How many times would I come? 

As with the frequency of therapy, the length of treatment will be decided together.  My goal is to help you find a place of comfort and ease as quickly as a possible.  How quickly that occurs will depend on how much is accomplished in and outside of appointments.  It will also vary based on the intensity and longevity of the emotional distress.  It is important to keep in mind that some therapeutic work happens slowly and sometimes it is rapid.  Typically, the more work done outside of session, the sooner changes are evident.  


Who does Dr. Townsend see?  

Dr. Townsend works with individuals ages 18 and up.  Listed below are some of her areas of specialty. 

  • work/life balance

  • depression

  • anxiety

  • chronic/high levels of stress

  • relationship difficulties

  • grief/loss


Payment is expected at the end of each session. Cash or checks are accepted.  48-hour cancellation is required to avoid being charged for a session.  Dr. Townsend does not accept insurance, but does provide paperwork so that clients can file for reimbursement for services by an out-of-network provider. 

What happens during an appointment?

Each session will be different depending on what is discussed during an initial check-in.  You will always have the opportunity to talk about important issues that have arisen since the previous session.  If appropriate and mutually agreed upon, breath work, mediation/relaxation and gentle movement with guidance and support will be incorporated.  An action plan for individual work to be done outside of session will be also developed.


Dr. Townsend relocated from Nashville, TN to Dallas with her family and dogs, Sugar and Mae. She is a member of the American Psychological Association, TX Psychological Association, Dallas Psychological Associations, Kripalu Teachers Association, Yoga Alliance, Junior League of Dallas and Highland Park United Methodist Church.  She serves on the Executive Committee for Dallas Psychological Association and is a past board member of Nashville Psychotherapy Institute. She is a past board member of Empower African Children, an organization focused on creating transformative educational experiences for vulnerable and at risk children in Uganda. When not working, Carter can be found spending time with her family and friends, cooking, or reading.  And of course, she practices yoga as much as possible.